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Cabin…there is a cabin in the woods (part 1)


and i retreat to this cabin in the woods whenever i wish to reconnect with myself. connect with nature. connect with my love. connect with my friends. to connect by disconnecting…into nature.

i introduce to you my dream…to have a little piece of land near a mountain forest area…near a river or a lake. i will write sometimes about this dream cabin. thoughts or ideas about design, elements, activities, floor plans, locations…

{location: virginia – near the Jefferson National Forest}

The setting ….

Travel down the road…

by car, bike, foot

To the space… upon which a little cabin stands

The view beyond…


Traveling … Montana


GOAL:  this trip for Spring 2013

This site: Visit is what made this go from a …. wish list travel to a …. I HAVE to go!

fly to –

Glacier National Park – Explore

drive to –

Yellowstone National Park – Explore


The Going-to-the-Sun Road









St Marys Lake … and the waterfall

Lake McDonald (and longhorn sheep and mountain goat!)

Old Faithful Geyser

Lamar Valley to see the bison herds and elk

Mammoth Hot Springs

Traveling … California Coast Road Trip


Often I find myself planning complete vacations – knowing my funds wouldn’t be able to make this possible (for now…but a girl can dream) So I plan… for that day to come where I can open my travel notebook – pick a destination – and go!

I’ll share a little trip with you…  

Traveling the Pacific Coast Highway. Convertible car with the top down.

Start in San Diego …  travel up county highway S21 … connecting with S coastal highway 101 /Carlsbad Blvd. around Solano Beach –  Laguna Beach –  Crystal Cove State Park

Keep on the PCH / Highway 1

Though a bit confusing through Los Angeles into Santa Monica – attempt to stay as coastal as roadways will allow.

Then onward up the coast stopping along the way where ever we wish…for photos, food, sights….

Enjoy some time in Santa Cruz, San Francisco

Redwood Forest…

All the way up to Crescent City.

It would take about 18 hours – not including any stops….