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Romance … Beach Day Picnic


I would love to create this type of set up on the beach with my husband.

A little tent area two beach chairs with an umbrella outside the tent…

Arrive and set up. Enjoy a lovely picnic brunch and the ocean breeze. Spend the day romping in the surf and sand – snacking on fresh fruits and drinking chilled beverages – lounging under the tent canopy or people watching while sunning in the chairs. Chatting, reading, listening to music … all while the day winds down.  The charcoal grill is lit, dinner comes together – as the sun begins to set – dessert and champagne are enjoyed – the sun disappears and the moon rises (spectacular as a full moon). Pack up to head home at leisure.




What a lovely way to enjoy a beautiful day – a picnic.

My friend Lindsay, her daughter Skye, and myself went to the park to enjoy a picnic.

There was a nice breeze, a few clouds, a shady tree, a jungle gym, lunch, bubbles, smiles, and laughs.