Things To Do


I’m always keeping lists … often crossing lines through the words … but it seems more often lately the words remain – staring at me … pleading for completion (and a scratch on the back.)

So today I share a few To Do’s  …. and the plan to complete them >

1. Finish Organizing Closet … clothes, shoes, accessories

{plan for completion}

Figure out and make list and purchase organizational tools needs:  bins, shoe storage, hooks…

Complete all laundry, place all hats together, all purses together, shoes together and so on

Put the Closet Space in Order!

Goal Date for Completion >>> April 9th

2. Finish Colorful Vase Display … prepare, paint, arrangement within

{plan for completion}

Choose which bottles to use: check dollar store for glass vases or containers to include

Prepare pieces & paint

Create arrangements within the containers

Make the Display!

Goal Date for Completion >>> April 16th

3.  Create and Add Listings to Etsy … make notebooks, photograph, list on etsy shop

{plan for completion}

Layout and gather materials for 4 notebooks: collage elements, paint, paper, embellishments

Create each notebook


Create listing

Publish it live

Goal Date for Completion >>> 4 Complete Listed Items by April 30th

note about #3 I’m thinking if I don’t finish this, and/or enjoy it – I may consider closing down the etsy shop for good.


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